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Motivation and Inspiration


Happy Saturday. It’s our workshop day. It’s also my business workshop day.

In learning anything, it’s good to have our idols for motivation and inspiration. Here are two videos of Ukulele maestros playing advanced level of music with Ukulele. They provided the push for me to pick up this seemingly musical instrument when I first got exposed. I hope it could provide the same to all of you as well.

James Hill - Heart Shaped Tattoo ( …:

Hear Jake Shimabukuro Cover Daft Punk’s ‘Get Luck…:

' Ohoiho! Enjoy!

Ukulele Setup


We had our group practice last night. It was fun as we explored few songs with interesting strumming and also learnt a new song.

Cousin Kim Hoong started the practice with La Bamba. We drilled the unique strumming until everyone was very familiar before attempting the song. We also learnt a bit of Spanish to appreciate the meaning of the lyrics.

We also practiced some older songs like Oh Carol, Sway, 我的心里没有你只有他, 家侯 and finally the new song 上海滩 in Cantonese. With this latest edition, we have two dialect songs. Our target is to have representation songs from various dialects and languages.

Finally if you are wondering why some ukuleles sound great and others are not so great, one of the reasons is the setup. Some great shops and individual sellers are providing this service for free. Please watch this video to see what is involved in the setup.

The Ukulele Site - Our “Setup” Process:

'Ohoiho! Enjoy!

Baby Show and Yesterday


Happy Friday!

We had good interactions in the group today. I’m so proud of you all. We also discovered a new talent in singing. Apparently, our club is getting stronger and stronger. This is a very good sign.

Our next performance is on Sunday 13 Apr 2014 at the Nee Soon South CC. The event is Baby Show, a project of FLC. Our ukulele club is as an interest group of the FLC under the leadership of Mr Poh. Therefore, it is our greatest honour to perform at this event.

This time we are going to showcase our youth again with added numbers from the adults. Beside entertaining the babies and children, we should also include the parents.

Here is the proposed formations:
- Duet of Alison/Yuki with 3 songs
- Trio of Zi En, Annabella and Alston with 1 song.
- Adult with 2 songs

Cousin Kim Hoong and Cousin Jamie will lead the performance this time round. Please render your full support for the event.

On the topic of babies, children and youths, here is an inspirational video from an 8-year old boy that hopefully can give you more boost to practise and play ukulele even more seriously.


'Ohoiho! Enjoy!

Afternoon at Yishun (at Khatib MRT Station (NS14))

Afternoon at Yishun (at Khatib MRT Station (NS14))

Learning Instruments Gives Edges


To our club members, music is an interest. It is not the main focus. A lot of us didn’t start learning music instrument until adulthood. In the olden days, learning to play musical instrument was a luxury that many people could do without.

As we form family and have our own children, the situation changes. It is uncommon for a family without anyone knowing how to play at least one musical instrument in the family.

Here is an interesting article that lists down the benefits and advantages of learning musical instruments.

'Ohoiho! Enjoy!

Correct Practice and Pineapple Mango



The secret to mastery is correct practice. Not just ordinary practice but “correct” practice.

There are two components: correct and practice.

Talking about practice, it is very important to have a regular practice schedule. Even if you can’t set aside some time, it is also good to have five minutes practice at least once a day. It’s better to have a regular five minutes practice everyday rather than to have half an hour practice once a week. It is important to do it regularly.

The second point is having a correct practice. It is more beneficial to practice correctly. It is easier to adopt a good playing habit from the beginning than to correct bad habit when it has become ingrained in memory.

Our focus point here is the muscle memory. Regularity will help our fingers muscle to memorize the songs and the movements better and faster.

To end this bulletin, here is a video of Pineapple Mango complete with the metronome sound at 164. I have the complete music score. I’ll send upon request.


'Ohoiho! Enjoy!


We had great Sunday today. Started at 7.30 in the morning, many of us assembled at Khatib MRT. The rests went directly by other means. We reached Potong Pasir CC at 8.30am ready to rock the place. We had some time to do warning up and to test the sound system. This is a lesson we learnt the hard way from past performances.

The performance started at 9.30am sharp with the minions accompanying all our songs throughout.

Yuki and Alison started the event with a Japanese song Kaze ni Naru (Become Wind) from the Neko Ongaeshi movie, followed by the Europa. You can watch the recording of the latter here.


Next we had the performance by our Three Musketeers with their mashed up song. It was a showcase of what we could do to enjoy music if we knew how to play musical instrument like ukulele.

After that we had the trio Zhi En, Annabella and Alston performing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The song was arranged by Cousin Jamie with three parts: melody, chord strumming and arpeggio.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Arpeggio):

Finally Yuki and Alison came back with the song It’s Time (Imagine Dragon). The performance was closed by a Medley of Malay national songs that everybody knows. The crowd followed us in singing.

We then had a sumptuous finger licking good breakfast courtesy of Peter Sensei before we continued with our next performance.

This time we went to Punggol Riviera. We visited the Bright Hill Evergreen Home to perform for the elderly residents. The whole team enjoyed it very much and I sincerely hope that the people there enjoyed our presence as well. This visit was made possible by the help of Kelly Tan, General Manager of Diamond Wisdom.

Although I was exhausted, I had a great bonding session with my children and our members. While enjoying our ukulele music, I also had a chance to do charity by sharing the joy with old folks at the home. I do believe we had provided a bit of companionship to those lonely people.

In ending, I’d like to encourage all members to join us in next events and outings.

'Ohoiho! Enjoy!